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Tree Ring Mount

The TRM-MA Tree Ring Mount is designed for the adaptable mounting of floodlights on trees, accommodating tree diameters from 12” to 22”. This mount allows for manual adjustment of tree clamps to accommodate growth without necessitating the removal of the tree ring, ensuring a lasting fit. Engineered for securing up to three or four fixtures, with a maximum weight capacity of 6 lbs each, it facilitates a practical installation with minimal impact to the tree bark. The TRM-MA is constructed from durable die-cast and stamped aluminum parts, guaranteeing both resilience and stability. Offered with a high-quality polyester powder coat finish in 18 standard colors, this mount combines functionality with aesthetic flexibility, making it an essential accessory for outdoor lighting applications.
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  • Aluminum
  • Steel


  • H: 3 In. L: 24 In. W: 24 In.
  • H: 3 In. L: 27 In. W: 27 In.
  • H: 3 In. L: 30 In. W: 30 In.

Mounting Type

  • Tree Ring Mounts