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Gene Leahy Mall and Lewis and Clark Landing

The Omaha Riverfront Revitalization

The Omaha RiverFront Revitalization Project aimed to revive 72 acres of downtown parkland along the Missouri River and transform three underutilized parks into regional destinations. The RiverFront Revitalization has enhanced accessibility to the community, fostering critical connections

1050 Linear Series

Uniform Lighting. Higher Lumens.

Rugged meets elegant in the series designed to light the most challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Our new 1051, 1052 and 1054 Linear LED Floodlights produce up to 1,845 lumens per foot (A power) or 2,100 lumens per foot (B power), giving you bold, vibrant, consistent lighting that holds its own against any element or ambient light. With three lengths, three mounting options, four Kelvin temperature settings and eighteen finishes, we’ve got one that’s just right for your application.

Made to order solutions, Made Quickly

We do the hard work ourselves

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Simi Valley, California. We ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and innovative design while maintaining a commitment to our region and the local economy, supporting sustainable practices, and fostering a sense of pride in our community. Our commitment to operating a Vertically Integrated Manufacturing facility allows us to expertly manufacture custom-finished products within days of receiving an order. We stock raw materials in large quantities and efficiently manage the process of die casting, machining, powder coating, and assembling finished products.

Fast Production
Fast Delivery

Vista is one of the most vertically integrated manufacturers. We can produce most solutions, even custom orders, within days of receiving your order.

Modification Customization
Easy Modifications & Customization

With our innovative expertise, we can design and engineer stunning outdoor architectural lighting solutions, tailored to your project’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic and performance demands.

High Quality American Made
High-Quality, American-Made Product

You can’t outsource pride. Domestic manufacturing with skilled labor is virtually non-existent in the lighting industry.

Our People Make The Difference

How the American-Made Promise Works

We’re 200+ strong at our manufacturing facility in Simi Valley, and each of us is dedicated to creating high-quality solutions our customers receive as soon as possible. Since 1984, we’ve perfected our approach to manufacturing and distribution to best serve you.

As a Leading Name in Professional Lighting Solutions, We Are Driven To Deliver.