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PVC Mounting Pedestal

The CP – 150 PVC Mounting Pedestal provides a sturdy and reliable foundation for direct burial mounting of lighting fixtures. Constructed from durable PVC, this pedestal ensures longevity and resistance to the elements. It features a ¾” x ½” NPT metal reducing bushing at the top, complete with a locknut and copper ground wire, facilitating secure and grounded fixture installation. For enhanced wiring access and installation ease, the pedestal is designed with junction box openings on opposite sides and an angle cut at the bottom. Stabilizers on all four sides offer additional stability, ensuring the pedestal remains firmly in place once installed.
Specification Sheet



  • PVC


  • H: 19.5 In. L: 3.5 In. W: 3.5 In.

Mounting Type

  • Mounting Pedestal