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From the industry leader comes a series of FREE training seminars to help you light your way to more profits! Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has developed seminars that equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need to become a Professional Lighting Specialist.

With a nationwide team of trainers and sales managers, Vista is ready to share its extensive knowledge of the lighting industry. Topics covered include design and installation, fixture selection and placement, marketing and sales techniques and the latest technology.

By registering, you are taking the first step in adding an exciting new service to your existing business. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate to display in your place of business to announce that you have become a landscape lighting professional. As a bonus for attending our introductory seminar, we will reward you with Vista Vouchers redeemable towards your first purchase of Vista products.

Once you have completed the course, our training and sales team will be available to help you implement what you have learned.

Do not miss this opportunity to LIGHT YOUR WAY TO MORE PROFITS by becoming a recognized Professional Lighting Specialist.

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