The SE Series is ideal for in-grade applications that require the fixture to be elevated above existing plants and bushes, as well as tree lighting. It's a sleeker, aesthetically cleaner alternative to Up & Accent lighting fixtures that could potentially be damaged by pedestrian traffic. SE Series fixtures provide the added benefit of extendable height that can be lengthened or shortened as needed.

The 1185SE COB In-Grade Fixture utilizes integrated Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology and precision optics to achieve high-performance distributions of various spreads with controlled cutoff. The 1185SE also stands out with the following features:
Patent-pending magnetic hot-aiming system: Allows the rotation of internal tilt optics without opening the fixture, saving time and allowing for more lighting customization.  Tilt optics may be adjusted to 5°, 10°, 15° or 25°.
Ventilated flow-through design: Improves cooling of the LED module by allowing cool air to enter and hot air to be exhausted via the Rough-in Section (RIS). Corrugations in the housing also facilitate air-cooling inflow/hot-exhausted air outflow.
Lasting LED performance: Increases the lifespan of the optic significantly.
Four light distributions: Get the variety you need for any project with outputs of more than 1700 delivered lumens in color temperatures from 2700°K to 5000°K.
12" heavy-walled exterior housing tube: Give clients the best-quality product with a Vista 1185 in-grade fixture mounted within.
IP68 certification: Install lasting dust-tight, water-submersible durability.

All Vista Architectural luminaires are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

15 - 25W