The 1180 is an Architectural LED  drive over, marker & ingrade offering utilizing Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology The optics & drivers are fully sealed within a drop in module that seals an injection molded polymeric Rough In Section (RIS). The 1180 Series is a low profile, drive over rated offering that provides 360° or 180° ground grazing light distributions that are ideal for delineating spaces between vehicular and pedestrian areas. The 1180 is constructed with a heavy walled die cast aluminum load plate / J-bolt / RIS pour part for casting in concrete. The molded Ryton (PPS) Rough-In Section floats within the load plate so no pressure from driving over it is transferred to the RIS. The optic / driver module drops into the RIS, providing illumination. A heavy duty spider cover / polycarbonate ring fits atop the load plate, covering the optic/driver module to protect and secure the finished assembly. The 1180 tested to a vertical load of 7,000 pounds and rated to IP 68.

All Vista Architectural luminaires are MADE IN THE U.S.A.