To Light

The new LCS Lighting Control System is a cloud-based, three-zone dimming controller (150W max) that puts more control in your customers’ hands. Install it for new or existing Vista products, or competitive systems-no matter what, installation is a cinch.


With the Vista Cloud mobile app and a single account, customers can take complete control of their system from anywhere. Users can access multiple dimming and event programming options, along with a manual override. All they need is a WiFi or data connection.

High Precision Dimming

Give your customers the freedom to set dimming styles for all three zones at different times-they’re no longer restricted to dimming all fixtures in unison. Using the app, they have almost infinite ability to adjust and match output through their entire system. Once calibrated, they can choose between preset high, medium and low options.


No need for a 120V input; the LCS Lighting Control System is powered from a host transformer for simplicity. The drop-down tray also offers quick access to wiring. After the install, you can feel confident in the waterproof NEMA 3 stainless steel housing to weather the elements.

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