COB In-Grade Series


1185 and 1188 in-grades from Vista Architectural Lighting utilize integrated Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology and precision optics to achieve high performance distributions of various spreads with controlled cutoff.

  • A patent-pending magnetic hot aiming system allows the rotation of internal tilt optics without opening the fixture.
  • Ventilated flow-through design allows cool air to enter and hot air to be exhausted from the Rough-in Section (RIS) to improve cooling of the LED module.
  • Corrugations in the housing also facilitate air-cooling inflow/hot exhausted air outflow and provide significant RIS load strength, making these recessed in-grades suitable for use where vehicle drive over is a requirement.

Product Advantages

  • Patent-pending magnetic hot aiming; 360° rotation of internal tilt optics without opening the fixture
  • Optical distributions: Very Narrow Spot, Narrow Spot, Medium Flood and Wide Flood
  • Ventilated flow-through RIS housing facilitates cooling of the LED module
  • Unitized housing designed for drive over applications
  • Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology from 3000°K to 5000°K; outputs of more than 3000 delivered lumens
  • Dimming methodologies available for both the 1185 and 1188
  • Wet location indoor and outdoor rated

1180 Series Specifications



  • 1185: Cree® CXA 1830 COB driven at 350mA, 500mA, or 620mA
  • 1188: Cree® CXA 3050 COB driven at 700mA, 800mA, or 900mA
  • 3000°K, 3500°K, 4000°K, or 5000°K CCT ANSI white 4 step Cree® Easy White™ bins
  • 1185: 900-2000 Delivered Lumens; 1188: 2000-3200 Delivered Lumens
  • 1185: 15-25 Watts; 1188: 27-40 Watts


  • Fixture aiming achieved via a series of tilt optic lenses and patent-pending magnetic aiming system
  • Specular or semi-specular optics designed for maximum performance and uniformity
  • Very Narrow Spot (NEMA 2x2), Narrow Spot (NEMA 2x2), Medium Flood (NEMA 4x4) and Wide Flood (NEMA 6x6)


  • 1185: Constant current 350mA, 500mA, or 620mA output driver
  • 1188: Constant current 700mA, 800mA, or 900mA output driver
  • Multi-Volt MV 120V-277V universal input
  • Phase Cut, TRIAC and 0-10V dimming available for both models



Die-cast A360 aluminum; vented, with captive stainless steel fasteners


  • Compression-molded, glass-reinforced polymer
  • Unibody construction allows for superior door and optic housing support


  • Die-cast A360 aluminum; finned for maximum heat dissipation
  • Post hard anodized Class III and Henderlubed for maximum corrosion protection
  • Optic and driver compartments separately sealed while being electrically connected


  • Injection molded PPS for maximum corrosion protection
  • Electronic LED drivers are thermally protected and completely potted to protect electronics from moisture

Magnetic Hot Aiming

The 1180 In-Grade Series features a patent-pending magnetic hot aiming system that allows for rotation of tilted optics without opening the fixture.

A Vista-supplied magnetic wand is externally applied to the fixture’s lens and then mated with a magnet affixed to the pre-installed tilt optics.

With the wand and magnet mated, the internal tilt optics can be rotated up to 360° within the fixture.

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