A Tradition of Innovation

With Vista’s intimate understanding of the needs of the professional contractor, the company develops new product solutions that are rugged, easy-to-install, and flexible in design. In addition, Vista carefully tracks trends in the architectural, landscape design, and home decor markets to develop fresh new models that are relevant and aesthetically pleasing.

Vista has been a pioneer in incorporating new technology into its product offerings. The company was the first manufacturer to introduce the all-halogen concept across its entire line of low-voltage lighting fixtures. Vista recently introduced a complete range of energy-saving LED fixtures that have a fraction of the power consumption of similar traditional incandescent fixtures. The company also pioneered the use of fiber-reinforced industrial composites in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, enhancing their performance, durability, and longevity.

An on-site product development laboratory allows Vista to continually test its products and those of its competitors against a wide variety of key performance criteria. All Vista product designs are subjected to a strict regimen of climatic, weather, electrical, and life cycle testing before going into production. In addition, the on-site laboratory assures that all products meet the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratory so they receive the marks of UL and CUL approval. All products are also tested for conformity with European Community (CE) standards.